Rising Sun

The We-Hin-Ay-Pay, which means Rising Sun, is a 5-Mile trail that goes around the Dan Beard Scout Reservation. It can be broken into two loops, the Red Loop covering Camp Friedlander, and the Blue Loop covering Cub World and Camp Craig. These loops are connected on the purple Dam Trail.

The trail is maintained by the Ku-Ni-Eh Lodge Trail Crew. Trail Medals are available for purchase through the lodge, which help fund trail upkeep and development.

The We-Hin-Ay-Pay is a symbol brought into use by Arthur E. Roberts, and each color symbolizes a different quality: red for blood, the heart and life; white for purity; green for nature and blossoming manhood; and the rising sun on the blue sky since the sun represents honor and fidelity.

More details can be found here: We-Hin-Ah-Pay Trail PDF